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13-37.org electronics shop was founded in 2017 by Manuel J. Domke.
We are primarily dedicated to manufacturing and direct sales of open-source hardware.

Not all our products were developed by ourselves, but production and distribution happens only with the consent (and sometimes profit sharing) of the product designer.

In addition, we provide support in product- and prototype development by providing 3D printing service, PCB Assembly (PCBA) as well as analysis and tests for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Currently available products include:

Infinite Noise TRNG (open source true random number generator)
The Infinite Noise TRNG combines the best of two worlds. Modular entropy multiplication is used in the open hardware to create provable random data.

It’s cryptographic strength is based on the SHA-3(Keccak) hashing function, implemented in free software.

The hardware continuously reseeds that Keccak sponge to make it even more secure.

So even if an attacker would be able to capture a snapshot of the Keccak state, it’s worthless within a single cycle. Raw data from modular entropy multiplication has certain properties (actually non-randomness) which are extremely useful:

  • The device is not rapidly changing the sort of numbers it puts out, so history can be used as a guide.
  • There is no special state stored in the modular entropy multiplier that could cause data to be different each clock cycle, other than on even/odd cycles.
  • Bits further away are less correlated.

MIDI Biodata Sonification device
Explore the world of plant music and make your own with the MIDI Biodata Sonification System.

By attaching electrodes to the leaves of a plant or skin, fluctuations in galvanic conductance will produce MIDI notes, which are transmitted on a configurable MIDI channel. With a maximum of 5 note polyphony (matching the LED’s).

Through sampling pulse widths and identifying fluctuations, MIDI note and control messages are generated.

SoloKeys Solo (FIDO2 / U2F USB security token)
Secure your logins with two-factor authentication and stay protected against phishing and other online attacks.

Works with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Github, and anything that supports FIDO2 or FIDO U2F

Available as USB-A or USB-C with either “Secure” or “Hacker” firmware.