The Valkea Shopping Center of Oulu consists of around 60 shops and restaurants. The center was completed in 2016 and is owned by the Arina Cooperative Society.

Valkea consists of two blocks. It combines the former Gallery Block, City House and Sampo House. The shopping center has five floors, with a total of 25,000 square meters of commercial facilities. It’s 60 shops have a total of 500 employees.

Valkea borders three streets: Pakkahuoneenkatu, Uusikatu and Kauppurienkatu. The two Valkea blocks are connected by Kesäkatu, a covered street, which is part of the Isokatu pedestrian zone. Kesäkatu provides a new space for events in the city center throughout the year. It also serves as a meeting place and living room. Organizations, communities and hobby groups can organize events on Kesäkatu and its stage. The events are coordinated by the Valkea Shopping Center.

The ATM is installed at Shopping Center Valkea in Oulu.

Bitcoin machine details:

  • ATM Type: Lamassu
  • BTC: Buy and Sell for EUR
  • Limits and verification: Unknown

Operator details

  • Operator’s name: Bittimaatti
  • Phone: +35845 8425 320
  • eMail: