Our Mission

At Billfodl™, we are all about making self-custody of coins easier and safer. That’s why we created the Billfodl™, a small, wallet sized stainless steel enclosure designed to house any kind of crypto private key or recovery seed and protect it from physical threats of destruction. With the Billfodl™, you don’t need fancy stamping sets or hammers. Instead we provide a randomized set of character tiles, laser engraved for maximum readability and ease of installation. The Billfodl™ is the most secure way to store your private data offline, safe from hackers and internet thieves. It’s an almost indestructible backup built to withstand twice the temperature of the average house fire and any flood.

Other Products

But we have more than just our flagship product at Billfodl.com. You can also pick up many other items, such as our Signal Killer Faraday Bags™, which shields your electronic devices from all radio signals (BT, WIFI, RFID, GPS, Keyfob) and protects them from EMP blasts from the likes of solar flares or malicious attacks. Use the small bag to protect your hardware wallets (like Ledger Nano X with bluetooth) from remote attacks or your key fob from signal boosters who might steal you car. Use the large bag on your tablet to block tracking devices from keeping tabs on your location.

Enjoy Our Educational Content

We also provide free educational content through our blog, The Fodl Blog, and our podcast, Unhashed Podcast. Each week we release new episodes featuring some of the biggest names in crypto and talk about the latest news and tech. We try to bring crypto down to earth and cut through all the blockchain hype so you know when the tech is a pipe dream or a real dream. At the end of the day, we want to increase comprehension through great products and awesome educational resources so you can hodl safer and smarter!