Payment methods

cryptocurrency paymentBitcoin SV (BSV/BCHSV), Bitcoin (BTC), Feathercoin (FTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), Vertcoin (VTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCHABC).

paypal paymentUse PayPal to securely, easily money transfer, send money online. PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, also for your creditcard payment.

Bank Transfer
bank transferBank transfer, also called a wire transfer, is a safe way to send money from one bank account to another anywhere in the world.

Credit cards
credit card paymentGet secure debit card and credit cards processing through Paypal, so you get protection against fraud and undelivered product or service.

sepa paymentThe Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is a payment-integration initiative of the European Union for simplification of bank transfers denominated in euro.

We are just working on the following payment methods, and will soon add them to the payment methods of our website …

Amazon Pay
amazon payAmazon customers can login and pay quickly and easily in our bitcoin listing system by using their Amazon Account.

payza paymentPayza is a simple and secure way to manage online payments without revealing personal and financial information.

sofortueberweisungThe simple and secure online payment method provided by SOFORT AG, works cashless and very easy via online banking.

Apple Pay
apple payApple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc. that allows users to make payments in iOS apps, and on the web.

Google Pay
google payGoogle Pay is a digital wallet platform enabling users to make payments with Android phones, tablets or watches, fast and simple.

paydirektWith paydirekt, you can pay for your online purchases conveniently, directly and securely with your Sparkassen Girokonto.

giropayGiropay is an payment system which allows customers to buy securely on the WWW using direct online transfers from their bank account.