Traditional Wooden Toys

Welcome to Our Wooden Toy Store
Handcrafted toys will never go old-fashioned or out-of-date. They bring so many great features and advantages, which still makes them the #1 choice whenever you want your kids to play and develop essential capabilities at the same time.

Quality Wooden Toys Build Fine Gross Motor Skills
Classic wooden toys are designed to let kids manipulate with them in many different ways. It results in gross motor skill development. Wooden toys for kids are available in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. They feature versatile physics and geometry, while their design is created to encourage children to implement different ways of manipulating.

This fact lets toddlers develop baseline grasping capabilities when holding wooden toys of different shapes or textures. For example, stacking toys teach them to twist their wrists in a proper way to complete the task. Wooden rattles keep them focused in finger grasp, etc.

Natural Wooden Toys Are Tactile
Unlike plastic alternatives, wooden toys come with a bit of weight. Every time a toddler tries to move the toy, he or she realizes what is going on. It lets kids control the situation. Lightweight plastic toys are not as effective as wooden figurines when it comes to developing motor skills. The latest research proves that wooden baby toys help to correct sensory disorders.

Handmade Wooden Toys Are 100% Safe
Parents do not have to worry much about children’s safety, as they get involved in the gaming process. We design our toys to be safe. They will not break easily, which results in their durability and longevity. Kids will never be exposed to sharp corners or edges. Although colored with paint, our products do not contain toxic materials. They meet all the necessary toy safety standards.

Wooden Toys are Stylish and Beautiful
Handcrafted wooden toys will always stay trendy. We offer colorfully painted toys that boast practically real-to-life design. They are fun to play with. Our products encourage an imaginative gaming manner. Choose from a variety of wooden sets carefully sorted out by categories or buy a separate toy to initiate your future wooden kit collection.