Swedron supply you with the right drone solutions for your demands

Swedron has many years of experience in the drone technology business. We are convinced that drones will be a major part of modern society’s development for a long time to come. Swedron wants to be the leading sales company of drone solutions for companies and government agencies.

We achieve this by offering a current assortment, high level of knowledge, consultancy development services and solid after-sales support as well as through product development for specific industry areas.

We sell products from several different brands but especially from the leading drone manufacturer DJI. Our sales are aimed at both private individuals, small and large companies and agencies across the Nordic region.

Inspiring and informative shopping experience

Investing in drone solutions can sometimes be a confusing experience. The range is large and it´s not always easy to find the right product for your needs. We are here to help you with that. We love drones! And together with our support, our knowledge and through our website we want to give you the best information possible to help you on your way to your next investment. We care for you whether you are an individual, company or represent an authority.

Support all the way

It should feel safe to shop at Swedron. We therefore offer a very high level of support and service on all the products we offer and are there for you both before and after purchase. We upgrade and makes repair and assist you when needed. Our keywords are: Transparency, Good communication and Clarity.

You are unique

With the help our in house experience and with our broad contact network in the business we can help you reach the goal with your next project. We provide consultancy development in varying sizes for companies that have unique and specific needs.

Pilot Training

Offering a wide range of products, excellent support and an inspiring website is not all. We also offer variants of training that will help you understand the rules of flying and become a better pilot.

Swedron Drone Consulting & Product Development

Swedron helps companies and authorities with development projects at varying levels of complexities. We possess high internal competence but also get help and expertise with the help of external consultants to offer you the best possible solution and way forward with your unique project.