Artificial intelligent Cryptocurrency investment solution.

We offer Free Signals for Bitmex exchange, Generated by our AI-Black-Box.

For years, Scrye Savings have been and still are diligently fine-tuning the algorithms to create a smart and efficient tool that will enable you to utilize the power of AI in your investment portfolio. The result is Scrye Savings a first-of-its-kind AI trading system that implements advanced machine learning applications. Scrye Savings will keep you posted and enable you to make the smartest decisions at any given moment (yes, even while you sleep).

AI Black-Box presents you with currency history of the last 180 days – as well as transactions made during this period – and learns what works for you. Breakthrough computerized algorithms will guide and help you in generating the highest ROI – and can also act on your behalf at any time of the day.

Can We Interest You in More Interest?

Most investment channels available today offer up to 10% interest per year. Securities are unstable and to generate high returns, high risks are often taken. In the real estate world, growth is lower than ever… no wonder so many investors are switching to a more stable investment. Scrye Savings powered by a vast data-driven-knowledge, which often reaches a minimum of 20% interest. Why not you, too?