Mobile Parts Discount – Smartphone and tablet repairs in the center of Leipzig.

You can find Mobile Parts Discount in Katharinenstr. 17 in the city center. Your cell phone or smartphone will be repaired the same day if you drop in by 5:30 p.m. (Saturday until 2:00 p.m.). Most cell phone repairs can be done within 1 to 2 hours, tablet repairs within 4-5 hours.

The following applies to online orders: delivery time approx. 1-3 working days (depending on the shipping method) after receipt of payment.

Orders until 5:30 p.m. will be processed the same day. The dispatch takes place daily Monday to Friday (except public holidays).
Repairs will start immediately when we receive your smartphone or tablet and, if possible, send them back to you on the same day.

Just a few clicks. And your electrical devices are protected by Mobile Parts Discount! No more fear of damage and high repair costs with VALUE GUARANTEE. Calculate tariff directly online now.

Repairs with the VALUE GUARANTEE

Is your device covered by the VALUE GUARANTEE? Then you can have your device repaired by us and we take care of the direct settlement with the VALUE GUARANTEE insurance.

Smaller repairs can be done directly. If the repair costs exceed 100 €, an estimate will be made for the repair, which will then be released by the VALUE GUARANTEE. You don’t have to worry about anything. We need your device and the customer number or contract number with the VALUE GUARANTEE, we do everything else.

Difference of the iPhone displays – original, OEM, copy

1) Original display: as the name suggests, these displays consist entirely of original parts and are manufactured in the factory. The quality corresponds to the original, so there are no restrictions in use. The display glass is hardened and resistant to scratches and falls, the touchscreen is not visible and the LC display shows the usual good color rendering and brightness. These displays are slightly more expensive than the OEM displays and therefore we prefer the original display to the OEM display.

2) OEM displays: some are sold with the addition OEM or original, e.g. Display for iPhone 6S OEM quality. These displays consist of an original touch and an original LCD, but the front glass, the backlight and the plastic frame are not original. The production or the bonding is not done in the factory, but by external companies. The display or glass is not hardened and therefore not as resistant as an original display. The backlight may make a difference in brightness, or there may be light and dark areas visible. However, since these displays do not really cost less than the completely original displays, the use of a display that is completely original makes a lot more sense.

3) Replica displays (copy): mostly without additional designation or e.g. Display suitable for iPhone 6. With this display, all individual parts are manufactured by third-party manufacturers and then glued. The display glass is mostly simple glass, which is not hardened and therefore tends to break. The touchscreen is not often made so fine that you can see small lines on the display. There are major differences in the LCD, which shows the actual image. The cheap LCDs are very viewing angle dependent, not very color intensive and not as bright as the original. The fit of the displays is often not very good. The price of these displays also depends on the quality and there are big differences. We use the best available quality for these displays, as they are barely distinguishable from the original visually and haptically.