Bitcoin to gold

Bitgild is one of the largest European gold and silver internet shops where you can exchange bitcoin to gold. You can buy gold for bitcoin, Ethereum, bitcoin cash, litecoin, ripple, eos, dash and more. With the growing current virtual currency market, we provide the means to get gold for bitcoins and exchange your virtual money for goods that have a physical value in the offline world.

For centuries gold has proven to be a good investment. Many gold rush evangelists have already experienced this in the past. Gold has shown a steady growth in value that matches economical inflation and both gold and silver are much less vulnerable to price fluctuations. Therefore, if you wish to secure your virtual currency savings into something physical, gold or silver would be a secure investment.

At Bitgild you can exchange your bitcoins and altcoins for a vast variety of products. Our exchange rates refresh every minute, so you are sure to get the latest rates on precious metals and crypto currencies. You can buy a wide range of gold bars, gold coins or bullions in various weight ranges or editions.

If you are more into silver, please have a look at our range of silver coins and silver bars. We have been providing gold and silver to many European customers since 2013 and strive for maximum customer satisfaction. We make sure that our products are packed to the best of standards and all shipments are insured. If you have any questions on our products, delivery, or order please do contact us as we are happy to assist you. Bitgild, European number one gold and silver shop for crypto currencies.

Why should you buy from us?

  • Worldwide fast & discrete shipping
  • All your shipments are fully insured
  • Always up-to-date with the latest spot price and current bitcoin charts
  • Broad gold and silver assortment

Sell gold for bitcoin

One of the benefits of storing gold with us is the possibility to sell the gold for bitcoin at any moment. Upon request we will send you a quote for the gold. We will quote you the most accurate spot price so you will get the best value for your gold. Once accepted we will transfer you the equal amount of bitcoin to the provided bitcoin address within 24 hours. Of course you will still be able to have your gold shipped to your home from our vault.

Eligible items for storage

In general all the common investment coins and bars are eligible for storage, such as the krugerand’s, maple leafs, perth mint bars and hereaus bars. We discourage to store special coins and collectibles with us, since there salability is less than for the common coins and bars. If you have a special request for storing please just contact us.