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FAQs » Add a place

No. The location that should be listed, must accept min. 1 cryptocurrency as payment method. It does not necessarily have to be Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies are also allowed.

We offer you a kind of promotion tool for your business or service. Since you have the possibility to equip your entry with up to 1000 words, your entry will be found on our directory, certainly also by Google and you thus increase your hit rate by 50%. Furthermore, you will be found if someone is near you or specifically looking for ‘Bitcoin accepted here’.

We offer you different possibilities to list your business or service in our “Bitcoin accepted here” directory. The minimum term is 365 days. You then still have options to highlight or extend your listing for a longer time. Our BASIC package costs $12 for 365 days. So $1 a month. The PRO package costs $20 and your listing will be highlighted. The PREMIUM package is $30 for 2 years and highlighted.
As you can see, do we not want to become rich, we just want to cover our costs. If you were recruited by an affiliate, $5 goes to the referrer. (Further information)

Yes, you have the option of modifying or updating your entry. However, since all entries are controlled by us before they are put online, it can take up to 24 hours before your listing is re-listed.

You can pay with several payment methodes. We provide the following: Paypal, Bank transfer, SEPA, Credit cards, Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin SV (BSV/BCHSV), Bitcoin (BTC), Feathercoin (FTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), Vertcoin (VTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCHABC).

FAQs » Affiliate program

Any person or company that has a website or is socially well connected can apply for the partnership.

Once you have registered as a partner you can access your account and integrate the links and banners into your website or social networks. You can use as many links as you wish. Your affiliate ID will track all clicks and listings made through your link. For every confirmed listing reached via your link you will receive a commission of $5.

No, it’s absolutely free and will always be …

No. You will not receive any commission for your own listings that are completed via your partner link.

All your links targeting our site contain a Partner ID. Through this code we identify all clicks and all bookings originating from your links.

We provide you with an own back office where you can monitor all your activities and view your click and booking statistics and all important information. You will also receive an email with each new listing.

The system of ‘cookies’ is now the Internet standard for tracking, clicks and sales. Each of your visitors who come to Bitcoin-Accepted.org via your links will download a ‘cookie’ (a small archive with information about the visit). It stays active for 30 days and allows us and you to track transactions.

Confirmed is a listing that identifies a booking code and has been fully paid by the customer to Bitcoin- accepted.org. It is possible that a booking may be canceled or changed after the confirmation date. To ensure that all transactions have actually been executed and the booking value accepted, the bookings are confirmed every 15 days.

The partners can select the payment method in their control panel. It is important to register the payment method before working with the Affiliate Program. Payments will be made within the first 10 days of the following month after the Provison has been confirmed.

You will find the links in your control panel. Select the links you want to use, copy the HTML code and then paste it into your website. If you need help then please contact us.

We do not recommend that to you. Changing the codes and the URL of the links may result in the system of sales tracking not being executed correctly. We therefore strongly advise you not to make any changes to the links.

We only allow the use of keywords and advertisements that link to our website. It’s ok to use the keyword Bitcoin-Accepted.org as such, but not with misspellings in the text, title, content, visible URL or destination URL of the ad appearing on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or similar search engines. Failure to comply with this policy will result in cancellation of the generated sales and exclusion from the Affiliate Program.