Backlink obligation

You prefer to integrate a backlink into your website? No problem!

All you have to do is to insert a banner (see below) into your website. This ensures that our spiders recognize the backlink and legitimize your listing at

Once you have integrated the banner on your page, we will unlock your listing with us. Your listing will then be visible to everyone and your business can also be found via our directory.

However, if you remove the banner again, your listing will also be stopped.

If you integrate the banner again, your listing will be unlocked. But only 2 times! IMPORTANT: If the banner/link has been removed twice, your page will be blocked and can only be unlocked with a paid package.

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The banner for the Backlink will look like the following, and will be send to you, after you finished the registration.
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Backlink obligation !

Spider Based Security System. Our spiders recognize immediately if you integrate the banner/link into your page. Simply unlock your listing at

Of course, will our spiders also register if you remove the backlink again. Please handle it carefully if you do not want to lose your free listing in our directory.